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TurboTime first began in the year 1992 and bounds to be a leading Time and Attendance software package. We have been develping our Software for Fingerprint Readers, Biometric Readers as well as Portable clock Readers for both Time & Attendance and Access Control Systems to accurately measure your staffs exact hours spent on site.

Sentri Systems TurboTime Software is easy to use, reliable and inexpensive. It gives you complete control over your workforce's time, attendance and absenteeism. You automatically build up a history of attendance and tardiness that would otherwise be time consuming to keep up-to-date if you did it manually.

TurboTime software can automate every aspect of your time and payroll process, instantly transforming the processing of your employees times worked into a pleasure, instead of a chore.

Biometric fingerprint readers stop one employee clocking in for another (buddy clocking) Thus reducing fraudulent clockings and keeping better control over your overtime. These devices can also be used for biometric access control and biometric time and attendance.